When listing of HASH/$HASH/# token?

The platform token is planned for release in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023

Is it possible to buy the token # in presale/private sale?

No, currently private sales are for institutional or private investors. However, if you are a fund or private investor please contact us at this email: hello@hashup.it

Is a whitelist carried out?

No, there is currently no whitelist.

On what blockchain will the # token be?

On the Polygon blockchain

What can I do with my token # on the BSC network?

Tokens from the first airdrops will be exchangeable for new ones after the listing.

Will there be any bonuses for early adopters?

Yes, for all those who used the platform at its inception can expect an airdrop. The conditions are not yet stated.

I sent the game to another wallet and part of it disappeared.

During the transfer, a commission is charged, which goes to the creator - we call it royalties. He sets its size at the beginning of the cartridge creation. If you want to know more, take a look at this section: ERC20 cartridge

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