How do we plan to achieve decentralized distribution?

HashUp creates a network effect of tokens on the protocol, which everyone can sell along with stores that are integrated with the protocol.

2023+ on the way to the first 100 web3 game marketplaces!

Our main goal for 2023 is to expand the protocol to as many shops and chains as possible. The whole infrastructure is being built in order to quickly add the HashUp V2 protocol to their own shops, create their own shops with games, and best publish both web2 and web3 games.

  • Stable HashUp API version

  • Web3 starter packs - Ability to publish web3 games with open-source infrastructure

  • Plugins for purchasing games with HashUp V2

  • The possibility of creating your own stores based on GameXplorer for YouTubers.

  • Forking protocol to the first chain outside of Polygon - BSC

  • Forking all licenses to multiple chains with cross-chain HashUp - API

  • Faster deployment of PatchKit-based PC Launchers powered by the HashUp game library

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