How to Make Money with HashUp?

Publish games on multiple stores and blockchains at the same time! Connect to the protocol and start selling games! Create your own game store and promote it!

HashUp is an ecosystem connecting game creators and publishers with store owners, and influencers. Everyone can make money with HashUp.

How to Earn with HashUp as a Video Game Developer?

Just publish your games on the HashUp protocol via and set how much stores earn. You decide how much! Remember that HashUp takes a 10% commission which goes directly to the liquidity pool token # through buy & burn, but it is up to you every extra %!

On HashUp protocol you decide how much marketplaces earn! The more you give the more you get!

Here are a few scenarios that will help you understand this mechanism:

Commission for stores Commission Effect

Store Commission: 0%

Lowest Commission is possible on HashUp. Stores have no reason to promote you

Store Commission: 10%

Stores can put you on their shelf, but your competition gives them more!

Store Commission: 20%

Standard Commission recommended by HashUp, which is the same as on Steam. (HashUp 10% + 20% Stores - 30%).

Store Commission: 50%

The high commission makes stores promote you and invest in your marketing themselves.

Store Commission: 70%

Absolutely high commission that takes away all your marketing responsibility!

Store Commission: 90%

Highest possible commission. You give away all your profit to the stores and to HashUp.

As you can see, the commission you give away to the stores is your marketing leverage. The more you give away to the stores, the more free marketing you get! The HashUp team is in constant contact with all store owners, so they won't miss out on the info about their high commission!

How to Earn with HashUp as a Web3 Marketplace or dApp?

As a dApp or web3 marketplace owner, you need to provide content for your stores. To do this, you can either acquire it yourself or connect to content provider protocols such as HashUp, which contain what is known as license liquidity. Connect to the protocol and sell all the licenses you’re interested in, often earning 20-30%! The money from sales will go directly to your account!

HashUp will allow your Launchpad to release web3 games beyond the browser and take your Launchpad with PC Launcher to the next level! Get ready for the next bull run with HashUp!

How to Earn with HashUp as a gaming influencer?

As an influencer, you show gamers the games! Start your own game store with your group of online friends and choose which games and tokens to sell. Game developers give you a large percentage of game sales instead of directly contacting you. With HashUp, you have a bag of games and tokens that you can sell, and it’s up to you which ones you display in your own store!

How to Earn with HashUp as a Gamer?

Some licenses for HashUp have unlocked public address exchangeability and the ability to swap on decentralized exchanges (DEX). Every swap results in a price change, and you can speculate with the licenses!

Earn from the rises and falls of license prices, thanks to License Finance offered by HashUp!

Moreover, HashUp's open infrastructure also allows you to create your own game store for your school or friends!

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