How to buy a game?

1. Metamask

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to navigate the web3 ecosystem. Your unique public address is your login to your account. Metamask is a plugin for your browser.

If you want to understand how this wallet works, we recommend checking out this video:

2. Polygon

The HashUp ecosystem runs on the Polygon blockchain. This means that only on this network it is possible to buy games and log into the platform. To add it just use our add network button and automatically your Metamask with your permission will add this network.

Remember, when moving on the Polygon blockchain you will need native MATIC coins to pay for each transaction. The cost is small, but it is worth it to own some of this cryptocurrency. HashUp provides a small amount of MATIC for users to buy their first game!

How to buy MATIC?

Through a cryptocurrency exchange:

Through the RAMP payment gateway:

MATIC must be on the Polygon network!


Buying the game is done with a stable USDC coin. It can be purchased in the same way as MATIC coins. It is required in order to purchase the game on the platform.

How to buy USDC?

Through a cryptocurrency exchange:

Through the RAMP payment gateway:

USDC must be on the Polygon network!

In the future, games on the platform will also be purchased using the HASH token

4. Buy your first game

You now have everything you need to buy your first game in the form of an ERC-20 Cartridge! To play the game you purchased, you must download our PC Launcher to your computer.

Download our PC launcher from our website!

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