Scalability of Cartridges

ERC20 Cartridge as a Decentralized Software License Carrier

The games of the future will be developed in a decentralized manner. ERC20 cartridge distribution can be handled through smart contracts programmed to give developers a fixed fee for actual game sales. Creators of decentralized worlds will be able to be rewarded in the same way that Bitcoin is automatically distributed at proof-of-work.

ERC20 Cartridge as liquidity for ERC20 modifications

This means that modifications will in some way be based on the core license, and the purchase of such customizations will generate demand for the ERC20 Cartridge. In this sense, the core game license holder will be the capitalization of the entire game-based modification network.

  1. It represents liquidity pools up to $USDC, so all ERC20 tokens that have value.

  2. It represents the $HASH/USDC liquidity pool, which mediates value flows between tokens and ERC20 Cartridges.

  3. The ERC20 Cartridge and $HASH liquidity pools, which make it possible to exchange the game for other tokens.

  4. Modifications and extensions to the game in the form of ERC20 liquidity licenses built on the basic version of the game.

ERC20 distribution of ERC20 Cartridges that can be designed by you

The process by which new homogeneous tokens are put into circulation, is called distribution. In the case of the Bitcoin network, the people who maintain the network are called Miners and they acquire new Bitcoins through a process called mining. With ERC20 Cartridges, it is possible to freely set the distribution rules for new game units in circulation.

The above examples were only intended to describe, in general terms, the possible design of ERC20 cartridge distribution conditions. As with cryptocurrencies, these are unlimited.

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