GameSwapping vs Subscription model

Why will GameSwapping replace the subscription model?

GameSwapping will substitute the subscription model because of the network effect created by a single standard for ERC20-compliant licensed media. Each subsequent game released with ERC20-compliant licenses will extend the functionality of the previous game. At the same time, it will be possible to interchange these games. Thus, a game released with an ERC20-compatible standard enters the pool of games issued this way, regardless of the platform on which it was published. ERC20 licenses will mostly replace the subscription model for this reason.

The bottom line is this: by conforming to a single standard, games published on ERC20-compliant carriers will become part of a large pool of games that can be traded and collected with each other, regardless of the platform on which they were created. This will satisfy title collectors and fans of the subscription model at the same time.

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