New capabilities

The ERC20 standard opens up a number of possibilities

Compatibility of ERC20 cartridges with crypto wallets

Thanks to the ERC20 standard, it will be possible to store games along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and tokens in cryptocurrency wallets. This is very convenient, especially for Web3 users.

Compatibility of ERC20 cartridges with DEX

A free market for games made available through DeFi, DEX and AMM.

Swapping games and tokens with one another.

Exchange p2p games in the same way as you do with ERC20 tokens

With cryptocurrency wallets, it is quite possible to exchange ERC20 cartridges. This means that all available token infrastructures work natively with HashUp Cartridges.

Game license carrier as in-game currency

By using the ERC20 standard, you can use such a cartridge as an internal currency. The free market will force additional usability of ERC20 cartridges over time, as it will demand mechanisms to generate demand for licenses. This implies that in the future, additional items in the game will be paid for in "units of the game itself,". The capitalization of such a cartridge will represent the value of the entire network associated with the game, condensed into a single medium. was born out of the need for a single place to index all capitalizations of game-related networks.

Ownership of the game

You can own ERC20 cartridge just like the cryptocurrencies. No one can take them away from us. Moreover, they are stored only in crypto wallets and not on central exchanges, so the probability of losing them is minimal.

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