How to publish a game?

1. Metamask

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet in order to navigate through the web3 ecosystem. Your unique public address is the login to your account. Metamask is a plugin for your browser.

If you want to understand how this wallet works, we recommend you checking out this video:

2. Polygon

The HashUp ecosystem runs on the Polygon blockchain. This means that creating games and logging into the platform is possible only by using this network. To add it, just use our 'add network' button. Then, with your permission, Metamask will add the network.

Remember: when moving on the Polygon blockchain, you will need native MATIC coins to pay for each transaction. The cost is small (<$0.01), but it's worth having a bit of this cryptocurrency.

How to buy MATIC cryptocurrency?

You can do it through a cryptocurrency exchange:

The other option is to buy MATIC through the RAMP payment gateway:

MATIC must be on the Polygon network!

If you are struggling to get MATIC cryptocurrency, contact us via email - our support team will be happy to help you!

3. Graphics

Prepare the visual content of your game. You will need 3 graphics:

  • Game logo (100x100 px)

  • Vertical cover image (360x480 px)

  • Cartridge cover image (1600x900 px)

You can find all the details here:

4. Game Files

We publish two types of games: PC and html. If you want to release a PC game, prepare build files in a no-DRM version. In case of html game, just plug it in.

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