A brief dictionary of HashUp, a good place to start HashUp

The HashUp idea in a nutshell is on-chain licenses that we can hold in a wallet. Through years of creating such an infrastructure, we have defined completely new concepts that stem from a new approach to licensing.

ERC20 License - On-chain license token you can hold in any crypto wallet connected to files outside the blockchains. Every license for games/movies is a separate token license token where supply refers to copies of the content. You need to have one copy of the game in your wallet to be able to play it!

Everyone can create their own wallet for any ERC20 Licenses even published outside HashUp protocol.

GameSwap - HashUp licenses, once unlocked, can go to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap. HashUp uses the most popular DEXs, instead of creating its own DEXs - all tokens from Uniswap can be exchanged for all DEX games. Swappable licenses create the idea of License Finance / LicenseFi / LiFi, with is a free market of licenses. Each swap or transfer between players

Blockchain - Decentralized and open for everyone database. You can build any infrastructure on top of the data on the blockchain.

Smart Contracts - A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control, or document events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. Your ERC20 License is an example of a smart contract - a digital CD made by permanent code.

Public Address - Ethereum public addresses are unique strings of numbers and letters that represent a destination on the Ethereum blockchain. They allow you to receive and send Ethereum and other tokens. They usually start with “0x” and are usually 42 characters long. Example public address: 0x5E798CE8e53a3FE16842C233e8802Dc3b09A8451 Wallets and contracts have their own public addresses which identify them. HashUp licenses are extended ERC20 contracts, so they also have their own public address.

Ethereum - First programmable blockchain to introduce smart contracts.

Polygon - a native blockchain that powers HashUp licenses with cheap (<0.01$) and fast (<10s) transactions. Polygon is a higher layer over Ethereum, which is currently too expensive to use for licensing. Learn more: https://polygon.technology/

Gas - every on-chain transaction like buying a license requires some gas with its transaction fees. Gas results in less spam on the network because each transaction requires a small fee. Example gas usage: Ethereum license transfer - 5 - 10$, swap 15$ Polygon license transfer - 0.01$, swap 0.01$ BNB license transfer - 0.30$, swap 0.50$

PC Launcher - PC Launcher is a computer application available for personal computers that allow users to download game files, and programs. It allows users to easily create shortcuts to favorite programs, access networks, and many other conveniences. It is available as a free application on many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. HashUp was co-founded by the world's largest PC Launcher providers with over 1200 PC Launchers delivered to customers - PatchKit.net. HashUp will allow your Launchpad to release web3 games beyond the browser!

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