Cartridge creation

The creation of ERC20 Cartridges is accomplished using the platform. The name GameContract refers to the "Smart Contract", which is the license carrier for a computer game. Creating ERC20 Cartridges can be outlined with a few simple steps.

  1. Selecting the type of cartridge.

  2. Filling in the basic cartridge data, the secondary market trading rules, and protection time before aftermarket. Protective period means no exchange for a certain time after release to prevent the emergence of a secondary market.

  3. Populating the metadata and visual aspects of the profile on

  4. Creating the ERC20 Cartridge with the help of Metamask.

  5. Connecting the ERC20 Cartridge with the game files.

  6. Setting the price and number of cartridges for sale.

  7. Verification of the game's copyright is performed by the HashUp team.

  8. Official sale on and platforms.

  9. After the protection period before the secondary market, it is possible to transfer games between players and provide liquidity on DEX. From then on, the price of the software is set by the free market using AMM (Automated Market Maker).

Games are being sold on the platform with any token that is approved by the creator. This indicates that the creator can earn in USDC, WBTC, ETH, MATIC. The solution is scalable and facilitates easy switching from FIAT = > CRYPTO .

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