ERC20 Modification License

The idea for the concept of decentralized software came to us when the release of the game Cyberpunk 2077 failed. Cyberpunk, like most games at the time, was developed in a completely centralized way. However, when thinking about the concept of decentralized games, we ran into another problem. In our opinion, it will be solved before the end of this decade (perhaps by HashUp itself). The problem is that we cannot develop and sell our own games and expansions with their own storyline. The world created by CD Projekt Red - Cyberpunk - can only be changed and improved by a centralized group of people close to the company. However, we believe that the future lies in decentralization, which should allow us to create our own stories within games in the future.

The ERC20 Cartridge technology is scalable to ERC20 Modification Cartridges. These are modification licenses that are technically identical to ERC20 Cartridges, but are a license carrier for modifications to the game. By modifications we mean not only mods, but also quests and entire storylines that anyone can create and combine.

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