IGO - contract, games shop

The ERC20 Cartridges (1), developed by the creators, after setting the sales rules (2) end up in the HashUp Store Contract (3). The shop offers the possibility to sell all ERC20 compliant contracts to other ERC20 contracts at a fixed price. This implies that all payment methods accepted by game studios are available. However, developers using our system will most likely want to earn in stablecoin. The commission for selling games on the HashUp platform ranges from 20-25% and splits the tokens among 4 sources:

  • 75% - 80% of the profits go immediately to the creator (5)

  • 5% optionally contributes the reflink (6)

  • 15% goes to the $HASH token which is bought from the pool and burned - Buyback&Burn mechanism (7)

  • 5% is given to the platform where the sale of the game took place (7)

The openness of the HashUp store

The transparency of the blockchain makes it possible to openly connect to the store and sell games outside of the HashUp platforms. This solves the problem of not being able to sell digital games outside of the platform they are distributed on, while also providing a collection of titles (ERC20 cartridges located in the store). To encourage the sale of games outside the HashUp platforms, we offer a 5% commission to the provider of the store where the transaction took place.

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