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ERC20 cartridge

The ERC20 Cartridge is a software license carrier on the blockchain. Each game has its own ERC20 Cartridge, just as in the past each game possessed its own separate and independent series of cartridges, floppy disks or CDs. The cartridge, like the ERC20 standard, is a homogeneous entity. This means that one cartridge with game X is exchangeable with another cartridge with the very same game. Compatibility with the ERC20 standard enables an entire ecosystem of contracts created under the utility for homogeneous tokens. The primary benefit of the ERC20 Cartridge is the ability to use the software if you have >=1 cartridge, as was the case with a physical distribution.
The price of an ERC20 Cartridge Unit represents the value of a single carrier that enables the use of the software.
The capitalization of an ERC20 Cartridge represents the value of all license mediums of a particular game that is currently in circulation.