Games Files
Where do we keep the game files?
The game files are hosted on AWS servers. The Launcher technology is the responsibility of the PatchKit team, who have been working on their product for over 5 years. However, we are ultimately interested in decentralizing the file storage location.
PatchKit - Distribute Your Games Independently

We are currently reviewing the following solutions:

Torrent stored files

we will be testing torrent integration in our launcher. However, we are concerned about possible overloads with AAA games downloaded by hundreds of thousands of players after release.

Sia, Filecoin

Decentralized CDNs - content delivery network. We will test storing game files on these networks. However, we believe that they are not yet ready for AAA games and network overload for game launches.
However, we believe that decentralized CDNs will enable full decentralization of license holders as technology advances, and we will support this type of technology.